Tuesday, 6 May 2014


It is most unusual to have such lovely weather over a bank holiday weekend and even more unusual to have rain when it is over.  Usually it's the other way round.  No complaints though, yesterday was lovely.

I managed to do all the kitchen stuff but I'm afraid the garden is much the same as it was - I had a lovely long kip in the afternoon instead.

And now I'm ready for school and it's back to normal again.   LBTL should be easier as I'm kept busy and have to work to a timetable.

Better go and have breakfast, I suppose.  Have a good day, everyone.


Sonja said...

Yes, I heard on the radio that the weather was good in the UK for the bank holiday - lots of people seemed very surprised. :o) Lovely though that most people could enjoy it.
The long kip sounds great! I'm a great believe in the benefits of naps, long or short. :o)
Have a lovely day! S.xxx

Joy said...

The sun is shining again now, much to the delight of the children!
Jn x