Thursday, 29 May 2014


Just a few photos - and yes, it is sunny here.  Three cheers!

Evidence of sun!  Taken 20 minutes ago.
The tayberry is finally in its last resting place.  Fingers crossed it likes it..

YES!!!  The drawf beans have finally germinated.  Three cheers.
The baby redloves are looking cute.

. . . and the strawberries are ripening.  Just a few but where one goes, can the others be far behind?
And, did I mention, the sun is shining?


Diane Epps said...

Not long now and the fruit will start to ripen and then you can go mad with your porduce

Joy said...

:-) I can't wait. It's so satisfying. How's your wonderful garden going?
J x

JuliesMum said...

What lovely pictures joy! Really nice to see the garden doing so well.

Joy said...

Thanks, JuliesMum. I have to admit I am fairly discriminating with where I point the camera though!!
J x