Sunday, 25 August 2013

Small pleasures

. . . in no particular order:

Using my beautifully roomy corner bath.

My aged recliner.

Picking herbs and veg from the garden.

Having a wide range of kitchen utensils to use.

Topping up the water softener.

Being able to see clearly again through my new glasses.  Even the smallest print.

The smell of freshly baking bread.

Having the wherewithal to potter in my kitchen and create delicious meals.

Waking early and greeting the fresh new day.

Chatting to friends near and far (good old Facebook).

Sharp knives.

A sense of humour.


Sonja said...

A lovely list, Joy, and it just goes to show how many 'small' pleasures there are. I do often think about how important these things are and how much they need to be treasured and appreciated...

Joy said...

I think so. It can be all too easy to focus on the problems and that just sends me into a downward spiral. Not terribly helpful really.
J xxx