Wednesday, 28 August 2013


Wasn't it a glorious day yesterday?  Warm, sunny, a fresh breeze - just perfect.  Today looks like being more of the same too.

Perfect weather for painting a fence, isn't it?  I got one panel done yesterday so I am just half way through.  I can tell that I will need another can of paint so that means a trip to B&Q at some point.  I also need some more granular salt so it won't be a one pony visit and I may just possibly slide into Wyvale too, while I'm there.  And I also need to go to Lidl at some point to get some more bread flour.

I ended up not actually going into school, although I did do some work at home.  Today I have to, for meetings, so I will be able to get plenty done.  I may tackle one of the half fences panels when I get home or I may not, it all depends.

Yesterday I found a caterpillar crawling over me yesterday.  I'd never seen one like that before so I took some photos before firmly removing it from the garden!  When I asked if anyone knew what it was the responses were mixed - but the general feeling was that it shouldn't be seen in this country, so I sent the photos off to the RHS for some advice.  One of the benefits of membership.
It could be a tomato hornworm (bad news) or is could be a tobacco hornworm (not so bad news), neither of which are natural to this country, so it seems that as well as being on blight watch I am also going to be on caterpillar watch from now on!
This is its bum!  By far the more interesting end!!!

What do you think?


Sonja said...

...that is quite a caterpillar! Someone wanting a share in your tomato crop! Hope you won't find any more....

Joy said...

It wasn't, it was of the same family but harmless to tomatoes, I was glad to read. The RHS replied very quickly - I was impressed.
J x