Monday, 12 August 2013


We are now officially into the second half of the school holidays.  Time flies, doesn't it, when you're having a good time!  There's this week, then a week at Streele Farm and the last week is really back to work with a vengeance.  Ah well, there should be another one next summer!

I was pleased with yesterday's dinner.  As I mentioned, I tried making pasta with value plain flour, giving it a good blitz in Thermione first, and it was fine.  I don't have a brilliant palate -  I'd totally fail the palate test on Masterchef - and it seemed fine to me.  No complaints from Beth or Alex either.  With it I dug a vegetable sauce out of the freezer, cooked some chopped bacon for Alex, grated some not-Permesan, made a simple side salad with garden stuff, concocted a vaguely 'Italian' salad dressing and made some garlic bread with a very stale loaf.  It was dead easy,  trouble free and tasty!  I'm glad there are leftovers for tonight.

The next challenge is ravioli.  Diane gave me several ideas for fillings (on Teacher's Recipes - many thanks, Diane) which got the old imagination going.  I think the first effort will be something in the line of tuna and soft cheese and I shall have to think about seasonings.  Last but one Christmas ago D & A gave me a book that basically maps out flavours that have a natural affinity so I will dig that out and see what it says.  The sauce will just be creme fraiche based with a seasoning of not-parmesan and herbs, etc., I think.
Photo borrowed from Google Images - and mine will be circular.

The biggie today is Picnic for a Pound.  I'm really hoping this goes well, that people have a good time and that we get donations for the food bank.  I don't think many are coming but that doesn't matter.  The rolls are defrosting, the butter is softening and the jam pot is waiting to be opened!

So it's just fingers crossed for the weather now.


Diane Epps said...

Glad your pasta was fine I don't think the flour makes a significant difference. Good luck with the ravioli they are great fun to make. Ideally you need a gaggle of friends gathered round a table making tons of them while you chat.

Joy said...

:-) I think that might be overkill, just for me.

Have you tried vacupacking your pasta, before it starts hardening, Diane? I was wondering if that would work.
J x