Sunday, 11 August 2013


After another comfortable night I see that it has been raining.  Just how I like it - rain at night, dry during the day.  Several more weeks of that would do me just fine, thank you!  Long may it continue.

Yesterday I had my sight checked.  No big deal, I know, but it's been seven years since the last one.  I hadn't realised it was so long but last time I went they detected 'something' at the back of my eye and I had a whole series of tests, having to have time off school, lots of anxiety, etc, before it turned out to be nothing at all, just a sort of 'freckle'.  It rather put me off as I find medical things very anxiety creating and tend to avoid them!  Silly?  Yes!

Anyway, increasing difficulties with seeing clearly close up finally drove me back.  The results are:
'WOW, haven't you looked after your glasses well'!  Well, yes, I'd be lost without them.  They're not THAT old!  Anyone would think I'd lifted a pair from the local museum to take along!  It was funny!
My close vision is worse (yes, knew that), especially my left eye.  Interesting.  My left ear is the better of the two so I guess it's a balance!  :-)  No wonder I've found reading and other close work increasingly tricky.
My long sight has improved quite a lot.  Didn't know that - good.
Both eyes are very healthy with no other issues whatsoever.  Phew.  I have to admit I was worried.  I didn't want another fuss and bother like last time.  That sounds very ungrateful and I'm not:  I am glad that things were picked up and acted on but that doesn't mean I have to enjoy it, does it?

Actually, the optician (a slip of a thing who looked as if she ought to be going back to school next month) was very efficient and after she'd done all the testing, etc, took the time to show me the photos they had taken of my eyes and show me why they both looked very health and problem free.  I appreciated that very much.

And last of all the glasses and sunglasses I bought cost less than last time and less than the time before (many, many moons ago).  I've always dreaded the choosing of frames because, let's face it, you need them because you can't see, so you can't see to choose!.  This time there was a sort of camera that took photos so you could.  Brilliant!

Then it was back home.  I spent most of the rest of the day hoping the new glasses come very soon.

Apart from that I made some more pasta with value flour (don't shudder, Diane!) and cut it so thin it resembles spaghetti almost.  We're having it for lunch today with a tomato and bean sauce I managed to find in the freezer.  With that I will make some garlic bread which should satisfy the Bottomless Pit (aka Alex) who will also have some bits of bacon sprinkled over the top.

I also need to make bread.  I usually do this on Saturday morning but being out meant that it didn't get done.  I don't need any for me but I haven't made any for Beth and that would never do!

Better go and get the dough started then, hadn't I?


Diane Epps said...

I have no problems with the flour you choose to use I don't think it makes a significant difference and as long as you are enjoying making and eating it what does it matter. Have you tried ravioli yet? they are great fun and a good way to use up small amounts of leftovers.

Joy said...

That's my next challenge, Diane. I need to find something frugal and simple for a filling. Most of the recipes I have found seem very complicated. Any suggestions?
I'm glad to know thatusing ordinary flour is OK. The 00 stuff is so expensive in comparison.
J x