Sunday, 18 August 2013


Second day.  It's still too dark to tell what the weather will be like but the  forecast is reasonable for this morning with rain predicted for the afternoon.  So I guess that's swimming a.m. and maybe a wee ramble p.m. depending on how wet it turns out to be.

We went to Tesco yesterday, having decided we really couldn't be bothered to go twice the distance to Lidl, and we were pleasantly surprised by the bill.  A lot more than usual, of course, but there are three of us, one of whom is a bottomless pit, and there were several 'treats' included.  We'll have to go back for a few more things but all in all, not bad at all.

I'm sitting here gazing out of the window.  It's just beginning to lighten up a bit and the trees are shadows against a grey sky.  Sunrise is beautiful here at Streele Farm but the best view is from the Dairy rather than the Barn.  If I remember, I will meander out the front to watch.  We're on our own here, more or less.  There's no-one in the Dairy although I think there's a couple of the Family (the owners of this glorious place) staying in the Farmhouse at present and there's no staff on site.  To all intents and purposes we're alone and, for someone like me who likes to be alone and is surrounded by people big and small every day at work, the sense of isolation and solitariness (is that a word?) is sheer bliss.

And in the time it has taken for me to edit a few photos, the grey has turned to green and colour has returned to the world.  No sun yet.

We had the log burner fulfilling its prime directive again last night.  It is lovely to have a real fire crackling away in a darkened room and the evenings are cool enough to make the extra warmth a pleasure.


Diane Epps said...

The sun is up here and it looks like a good day if a bit chilly still.

Sonja said...

It all sounds absolutely lovely, Joy, and how wonderful that you could have a real fire for the evening, too - bliss! :o)
Hope you are able to have a swim again today and that the weather is kind. :o)

Joy said...

It is up here too now, Diane, but there's some clouds that look as if something might be on its way. I don't care - we're on holiday!
The fire is lovely, Sonja. Great to sit and watch. I'm hoping for a swim but at the moment I am the only one up. I'd love an early morning swim but can't manage the pool cover by myself!
J x