Thursday, 15 August 2013


Cool again, although not so cool that I can't open all the windows and the back door.  Rain is forecast for the next few days which will be jolly good for the garden!  It's a shame if it is raining for the journey as I do dislike driving in rain but there's not a lot I can do about that so I won't fret.

Yesterday, after a cool start it warmed up a lot and it was quite hot for a while in the afternoon.  Cooking the roast dinner was trouble free and uneventful, albeit rather hot, and my guests enjoyed it very much indeed.  I'm not usually much use with roast beef.  For a start, I like it properly cooked through which would make the purists shudder.  But this time it went OK and we all enjoyed beef, Yorkshires, carrots and onions, broccoli and roast potatoes.  Good old British roast dinner - just what they wanted!

In the morning Beth, Al and I took the goodies to the food bank.  One friend, who had been unable to come, brought round some contributions anyway so we had quite a lot to take, much to our satisfaction.  Then it was back home to wave a duster around the rooms in a rather vague manner and generally shift piles of stuff from one corner to another in an effort to tidy up a bit.

As I thought, the runner beans are not quite ready to pick so Sonja and Milli will have the first picking.  The good thing is that by the time I get home again there should be plenty.  Ditto for the hundreds and thousands.  They will be going full throttle in a short time and there will be loads of sweet, marble sized fruits soon.  I may get the first taste tomorrow morning but we will see!
The little red one at the bottom is the tomato I dropped in last week, to start them ripening.  It seems to have worked too.

The radishes, sown three weeks ago, are now well ready for pulling so I'll take a good bunch with me and leave the rest for my guests.`

Well, the bread is rising and I need to go and check how it's doing before it escapes form the pan!  Have a good day.


Sonja said...

The roast dinner was an absolute DELIGHT as was the fabulous dessert - you really are a superb cook, Joy, and thank you so much!
Yes, I can see the tomatoes ripening nicely on the hundreds and thousands plant at the back - looks like you are in for a bumper crop there! Radishes look lovely, too! S. xxx

Joy said...

:-) I'm really glad you enjoyed it and you should see how much of the roast beef there is left. Loads and loads.
J x

Annabeth said...

Hope you all have a wonderful holiday! (Cold beef and horseradish sandwiches, yummyyyyyy!)

Joy said...

:-) Or mustard or it's also nice cold with cranberry or redcurrant jelly. Actually, that's given me an idea. I have some brie so I can have a roast beef, brie and cranberry roll for lunch. I'm feeling peckish just thinking about it.
J x