Tuesday, 6 August 2013


Well, I was right.  I said yesterday that there was more rain to come and my goodness, indeed there was.  It wasn't too bad during the day but in the evening we had some very heavy downpours.  All good for the parched earth and it means the only plants I need to water this morning (or check that they need water) are the ones under cover!

Yesterday the car went in after several mishaps/misunderstandings that meant that it couldn't go in last week as expected.  It's all done and dusted now - MOT, service and road tax are all up to date, thank goodness.  I was a bit concerned that a problem might prove ridiculously expensive, but it didn't, it was a lot less than last year and, if I was doing one of these 'Today I am glad . . .' posts, one would be 'Today I am glad that I have enough savings to cover the cost .' or even 'Today I am glad I don't have to start looking for another car.'

The garage is close to Beth's so I spent the day there.  We went out for lunch, me, Beth and Alex.  At first we tried Lathcoat's coffee shop but it was closed so we ended up in the Writtle Road nursery and had a delicious meal.

i was glad we went over to Lathcoat's though, because I had run out of yeast.  I hate running out of a basic like that (basic to me, that is).  I know Lakeland has large packs of dried yeast (I refuse to buy those sachets, they are ridiculously expensive) but that means a trip to town and parking to be paid.  Morrison's didn't have any.  But the farm shop did - so I bought three packs with a nice long shelf life which should keep me going for a while to come.
Now I can try the garden mint and courgette bread recipe I found the other day!

Picture borrowed from Google

Just as an afterthought - how can Lakeland sell the packs of dried yeast at £1.25, Lathcoats at £1.35 but somewhere like Amazon charges over £3.00 plus postage?


Diane Epps said...

It just goes to show it pays to shop around. Glad your car worries are over it is very disconcerting when your transport is on the blink.....

Joy said...

It is, and with a holiday looming it would have been more than a little inconvenient! Great relief all round!
J x

Rachel Pattisson said...

I just paid £4.60 for 500g of Fermipan (dried yeast) from a local health-food store. Online it is vastly more expensive - weird!

Joy said...

That's a VERY good price. I thought it was weird - I'd expected Amazon to be cheaper but it was way more.
J x