Friday, 30 August 2013


Another still and very peaceful morning with a promising looking sky.  There's a hint of pink up there with makes me think of 'red sky in the morning' but the forecast doesn't hint at any rain.

Yesterday turned out to be one of those days when everything went according to plan, more or less.

The window was measured up and it should be fitted before half term.

The cake rose beautifully, Jenny came, saw and enjoyed and we had a grand old chat.  I now have eight individually wrapped slices of sweet deliciousness waiting to go into the freezer for school lunches.

I managed to find a printer that fulfilled all my requirements for under £100.  It was dead easy (even for me) to install, set up, etc, so I am no longer printerless.  Phew.

I managed to get more fence paint and a wider paintbrush from B&Q, but not any bags of granular salt.  They only had the big bags which, while being much more economical, are impossible for me to lift, so I'll have to go back another time for that.  Actually, I might look to see if I can order some online and get it delivered.

I didn't do any fence painting but I could have, I just decided it was too hot!

The meal and chat at the hare was lovely - a fantastic way to end a very good and enjoyable day.  We were there quite a long time but, as they weren't full, it didn't matter.

Today is school, lunch at the pub with Beth and Alex, school again and then home.  Hopefully I will then be absolutely ready for next week!

And I love my new printer which does back to back printing automatically (when I tell it to!) and I was highly impressed with the colour and clarity of the photo printing.  Great stuff!

That was yesterday.  Today is school, lunch at the Flyer with Beth and Alex, school, home!  Not particularly exciting but there you go!  The exciting times are past and gone.

And now I need to make and print the reading record sheets.  It helps to start off organised anyway!


Sonja said...

Yes, it is a beautiful morning here, too - lovely, fresh breeze and the sun just coming up.
Your tomatoes, wow....I remember thinking before we left that you were going to be innundated with them, absolutely wonderful and I am so glad you are getting so many - those hundreds and thousands ones really are absolutely delicious!
Have a super day!

Sonja said...

..meant to say that you must be relieved to have a printer again! Great that it works so well...

Diane Epps said...

Joy what make of printer did you end up getting? I find it is almost cheaper to buy a new printer than to buy the inks!!!! I currently have a hewlett packard which is wireless but a bit of a pain. As I don't use it much it not a real problem and is good enough for the odd letter.

Joy said...

I got a HP 6520. I like HPs and the inks are not as terribly expensive as some. Since the last time I bought one, many of them do double sided printing, which is just perfect for quite a lot of school stuff.

Sonja - yes, it's nice to have a properly working printer again. And I'm having tomatoes for tea. :-(

J x