Thursday, 22 August 2013

Thursday again

(while waiting for two loaves to prove)

On Teacher's Recipes, Diane commented about how lovely it must be to have the pool.  It's wonderful and I so enjoy my gentle up and back, up and back for however long I want.
I used to belong to a local health club, just to use the pool.   However, it was expensive and became not worth it so I discontinued membership.  However, I have been missing the swimming.

I thought I would just look up our local public pool(s) to see how much/when/etc and had a pleasant surprise.
Firstly I can now get into the public swimming times free.  That's right, totally free.  Being over 60 has some advantages.  I have to go down with proof that I am over 60 and proof that I live in the borough.  Of course, I will have to pay for car parking but I can swallow that.  It's got to be better than the health club fees and I could find out about buses, I suppose, should the need arise.
The second is that while I am not keen on swimming at busy times (won't do it, in fact), the first swim starts at 6:30 with an early bird public session.  For me that's well into the morning!!!

I think I have myself a plan!!!

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