Friday, 30 August 2013

A few garden photos

I have a feeling one of my chillis is a Scotch Bonnet - that means very, very hot.  The other is a Cayenne pepper.  Oh, dear!!!

Mind you, will they ever ripen?

The hundreds and thousants are ripening at a fine rate of knots now though.

And the runner beans just don't stop.

Can't complain, so I won't.


Sonja said..., fantastic and yes, I am not surprised about the beans, you had so many wonderful flowers, so pretty and I am so glad you are getting such a fantastic harvest.
Tomatoes are looking great and the peppers will turn out great, too! Wonderful! :o)

Joy said...

Well, I intend to overwinter the chillis so hopefully they will ripen before I cut the plants back.

J x