Tuesday, 13 August 2013


I opened the French window just now and closed it again hurriedly.  Brrrr - it's pretty cold outside at the moment, too cold for me to want to throw open all the windows and air the house.  I shall do that later on, once it has warmed up.  The BBC weather forecast tells me that it is currently about 11 degrees and will rise to 19, so that's pretty cool in comparison with the last week or so.  Just right for me though as I will be bustling around getting the house ready for my guests tomorrow.  It's about time it had a good clear-out!

We had a good time at our Picnic for a Pound.  Four families and assorted children came and lots of stuff was donated.

Looks good, doesn't it?  I will take it all down tomorrow as the Food Bank is not open today.
Well done, Beth - both for having the idea and for doing all the organising.
I wish other people would also take up the idea but we're 'little' people and don't have the clout required to get an idea like this off the ground.  Never mind!

I'm pleased that the hundreds and thousands finally seem to be getting the idea and are starting to turn orange.  About time too!  I suppose they will really start turning while I'm away so that will be nice for my house sitter.  Ditto for the runner beans!


Well, a bit more internet trawling and then I am off to have breakfast, get dressed and start the day's work or it will never get done and that would never do!

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