Thursday, 29 August 2013


Good morning!  At the moment it's another cool, dull, grey start but so was yesterday and look how that turned out - warm, sunny, absolutely glorious!  Fingers crossed.

I've just wandered out into the greyness to pick tomatoes.  They're really coming into their own now and are ripening faster than I am eating them.  Excellent!  By the weekend I will have enough to make a first batch of tomato sauce for the freezer.  There are three pots on the window ledge - one for the bigger ripe tomatoes, one for the ripe hundreds and thousands which I eat like sweets and which go on my salads and one for the tomatoes that need to ripen a bit more.  They light up the whole kitchen with their glowing presence!

I took these to school yesterday to munch on.  They are so sweet and juicy and the larger ones are just the size of marbles.

See what I mean?

I spent more or less the whole day in school yesterday and got plenty done.  The three meetings ended up as two meetings with one deferred until Monday when I have to be in school anyway.  All the planning is now ready.  There's still a fair bit to do with organising groups, etc, but I can do a lot of that at home.  I reckon one more day (Friday) will have me totally spick, span and ready for the new school year.

Today is a not-at-school day.  In a short while I will be making a Victoria sponge so that when Jenny comes later on this morning there's cake to go with the coffee.  Before then Doug is arriving to measure up my big french window.  Unfortunately, it has broken and, while it is safe and secure, the whole unit has to be replaced if I want to go in and out of my house that way.  Ah well, thank the Lord for savings.

After coffee, I need to get a new printer.  For ages it has been playing up, refusing to print in black despite cleanings, replacing the ink, etc, etc.  It's been a right pain.  One good thing is that I have started printing school stuff  AT school which is what I should be doing really, but even so, there are times when you need a hard copy resource now, not tomorrow morning - and there's always the change that the school system is playing up as well.
Also, weather permitting, perhaps I can get a bit more fence done too.  That would be good.

Then this evening it's out with Linda and Julia to the hare for one of our girly evenings.  I'm so looking forward to that!

All in all, a  very pleasant day . . .

Finally, a nice little story.  When Beth went to her allotment after the holiday there were - er - zillions of courgettes, more or less, waiting to be picked.  She handed some to me and around to all her neighbours but had all these still left.

So she put the ones in the plastic box out the front with a notice 'please take one'.  A couple of hours later they had all gone!  Nice.


Sonja said...

Sounds like you had a lovely day and the courgettes look incredible! I bet people will have been pleased to get some of those, they look delicious!

Joy said...

Well, they all went so I'm assuming they will have used them. :-)
J x