Wednesday, 14 August 2013


It's another cool start to the day after a cosy, comfortable night snuggled under the quilt.  Yesterday wasn't warm, as predicted, but there was some sunshine and it was pleasant.  I prefer this sort of weather to the blazing heat of the heatwave a few weeks ago.

Today has a lot going on - picking Beth up from the garage where she's leaving her car for a service, taking the Monday food to the food bank, shopping, getting ready for my visitors, cooking a roast dinner for late afternoon - and so on.  Also I have to do the washing of the holiday clothes and start putting things out for packing.  It's all go!

I was just dozing in my chair yesterday afternoon when there was a knock at the door and there was a friend I haven't seen for a while.  What a lovely surprise.  So I made a cuppa for us and we had a good chat.  It was super.

Earlier in the day someone came to look at my French window which has been playing up.  Sadly, he couldn't repair it, made it secure and will send a quote for a replacement.  Booo - but thank goodness I have savings.  I'm not totally surprised or dismayed as I did suspect something of the kind.  Shame about the savings but I guess that's what savings are for!

A couple of random photos:

There was a lovely clear moon yesterday evening and I managed to get a few clear shots.  Here's one.  I love the way the features show so clearly.

After a couple of tweaks, I think the definitive recipe for Crunchy Flapjack Biscuits is on Teacher's recipes.
You can find it here.


Diane Epps said...

Enjoy your busy day and glad the ravs turned out ok

Joy said...

:-) Thanks, Diane, I will.
J x

Sonja said...

..those crunchy flaptjack biscuits look delicious! :o) Fabulous photo of the moon, too, Wow! Sorry to hear about the French window, but it'll be lovely to get it done so that you can get in and out of there again.
The Food Bank sounds excellent, there is something similar in Germany called Die Tafel and restaurants, supermarkets (they give foodstuffs that are just out of date) and individuals also contribute to this. The food is then donated to those in need. It's really good.
Have a lovely day! :o) S.xxxx