Friday, 16 August 2013


. . . and it's raining!  Also, someone, somewhere, is -er - improving the soil on their fields and it's a bit pongy outside.  My parents call it 'good, fresh country smell'!  Hopefully the rural countryside of West Sussex will be rather less stinky.

Yesterday was a busy day but I'm all ready now apart from the actual getting stuff into bags bit.  I have lists!
I have done instructions for Sonja.  Once again - thank you for house sitting, Sonja, it is a huge weight off my mind.
I've gone over the route one more time, although by now I can see it all in my mind's eye.
I'm ready!

Something else marks today as a great day.  I have picked the first hundreds and thousands tomatoes to take to Streele farm (and eaten one - very sweet and juice).  Yay!  Last night I gave all the tomatoes another spray of Bordeau solution so it's now a case of fingers crossed and hope for the best.  I can do no more.  Here's hoping.  Blight, blight, stay away!

Right, well I'd better start packing everything up and ticking things off my lists.  I'm taking my laptop so I should still be blogging but if I don't it will be because the connection is dodgy, that's all.

Here's to a good day for us all

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Sonja said...

Yes, you certainly were very organised and we are happy to look after everything whilst you are away. Lovely and sunny today so that's got to be good for the tomatoes et al. :o)