Sunday 28 November 2010

Sunday morning

. . . and the frost lies thick over everything, making it look as if we've had some snow. It looks absolutely beautiful but I have no doubt the roads will be treacherous and there will be black ice about.

As I promised myself, I will be popping into town this morning, primarily to go to Lakeland, but also to get some stuff from the pound shop and to look in a few shops for fun. I wonder if the street market will be up and selling. if so, I might get some nice bread and other stuff. - for the freezer!

And then it's home to just wipe out the inside of the freezer before it's collected. That may sound daft but there were some fruity drips inside yesterday which I didn't get around to cleaning up and I ought to. Then I have to just shove up the upright freezer to make room for the new one, coming this afternoon.

I was originally intending to defrost the upright beastie today, but that would be daft now. I will get the newbie down to temperature and then just transfer the stuff from Oldie to Newbie while I defrost, and then have a jolly good sort out. I might even leave the stuff in Newbie for now, seeing as it will be virtually empty and see how it all goes, space-wise. I'll have a think about that.

While I'm waiting in this afternoon, I shall make some more Christmas cards. They're no great shakes as cards go, but I enjoy the activity and get satisfaction from the results.

Photos: While viewing the freezer disaster at stupid o'clock yesterday morning, I wasn't too far gone to notice some pretty patterns on the shed window. The other is the cards and the light is bad, as are the cards really! :0)

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