Friday 26 November 2010

Friday morning

Thank goodness!! It's been a long week! but there's a sort of long weekend coming up, which is good - an INSET day on Monday is a welcome break!

After the fall, aches and pains of yesterday I managed a good night's sleep - very good, in fact, and do feel a lot better now. The shivers have gone, the back ache has gone and there's just some aching in the elbow and shoulder plus a knee that is going to turn all the colours of the rainbow before it fades. Nothing too bad or needing pain relief, thank goodness!

As always, I planned next week's eating yesterday. The routine works jolly well - on Thursday I plan the eating, on Friday I write the shopping list and on Saturday I do the shopping. To my surprise, I have so little food shopping to do this week I see no point in going all the way to Sainsbury's. I've let the home made yogurt routine slacken so need to get some fresh starter, but that's really about it.

As I will have some spare time tomorrow (because of not needing to do a big shop), I'm going to take advantage of this cold weather again. Last weekend it was the chest freezer which is now clear, pristine and frost free. This Saturday it will be the upright. All the stuff in the upright is packed in small containers as single portions of this, that and the other. Because of that, I am very careful about not allowing them to start defrosting and there's not enough room in the other to hold them while their freezer defrosts. However, this very cold spell is the ideal time to get it done: there's not a tremendous amount of frost build up so it won't take too long and the contents won't stand a chance of defrosting while I attack the frost with my hair dryer. It will also be the ideal time to redo my list of what's in there, which I have allowed to get a bit out of date, and to work out what really needs to be eaten soon. Luckily I label all the containers with what it is and when it was frozen.

It had better not warm up before tomorrow!!!

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