Tuesday, 23 August 2016


Hello again, gentle readers.  How was yesterday for you.  It was lovely here - warm sunny and with a breeze.  I washed and dried two loads of washing and it smells so fresh now.  Gorgeous.  At the moment it looks as if today will be similar too.

I met Beth down the allotment in the morning and tried out the strimmer which did a great job.  We weeded and scraped and clipped and weeded some more and then Beth watered everything.  I came home with three cucumbers: two mini ones from our plant and one long one from Bert, the guy several allotments up from ours.  Beth had a little courgette and we both had potatoes.  Our cucumbers were delicious - well, the one I cut is.  I'm sure Bert's is as well.

They're a very friendly bunch down there.  After chatting to Bert, Dave came over from his patch and we had another chat.  At the moment our allotment doesn't look much worse than the posh one over the way but I bet they're on holiday and that's why.  It doesn't take long for the weeds to emerge again.

Once back home, I baked some oat cakes (scrummy) and made some broad bean pate with Sunday's leftovers and it was really tasty - so it's in t'other blog!

That was about it really - I was a bit lazy and got on with the knitting while watching telly later on.  It's all back to normal again now the Olympics have finished although instead of Eggheads there was 'So you want to be an Egghead' instead.  No, it wasn't quite called that but it looks as if maybe another old stager is going and they want replacements.  I still miss Daphne . . .

Eat Well for Less was back earlier.  It was a bit different this week with a family where a member needed to be gluten free and they didn't quite know how to find their way through it so they were all having different meals.  It was really good, so engrossing that I was surprised when the hour came u[p and the programme finished and I daresay I will watch it again on iPlayer at some point.

Today I will have an early morning swim and then I have to get the kitchen spick, span and tidy for a demo tomorrow.  I may as well devote the day to housework and get it all done!

Today's food:
B:  puffed wheat, fruit.
L:  gala pie, salad, apple
D:  beef casserole, new pots, runner beans, natural yogurt and pineapple

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