Sunday, 14 August 2016


So here I am, sitting in my very comfortable Premier Inn room right on the edge of south Ipswich after a very relaxing evening and a good and comfortable night's sleep.  A fantastic night's sleep, in fact, which is unusual for me first night in a 'strange' bed.  Not that there's anything strange about this bed.  It's large and supportive, the pillows are clouds of puffy white restfulness and I ended up with three of them, oh the luxury!

Yes, I am up early, but aren't I always, and after a very early night I wouldn't expect otherwise.  With no-where to go and no-one to entertain, I watched the Olympics, read the paper and my magazine, knitted and meandered around Facebook.  And fell asleep pretty early.
Ahead of me is another day's willow weaving together with Jo and seven other enthusiasts but first there is breakfast, aka  How to Eat a Whole Week's Calories in One Meal.  I'm looking at the menu as I type and I can have any or all (fat chance of managing all though) of it.  Rather than reproduce it all here, follow the link.

While googling for the link, I noticed that I can find out how many calories.  Er - no, I really don't think so!  Not this time.

The breakfast is a treat.  I could have had dinner at the Beefeater which is attached to the Inn but I decided to go for brekkie instead.  I love a good cooked breakfast!  Yesterday evening I feasted on a bag of crisps with a flapjack and an apple for afters but I wasn't all that hungry after the excellent lunch that Jo provided on the course.  I had a sort of upmarket pot noodle thingy but that will keep for another meal sometime.

I think I should do this more often.  Spoiling myself is good once in a while!  I've picked up a handful of touristy type info stuff from the entrance lobby which will come in useful when I have my proper holiday in Suffolk in a few weeks' time.
Not that long ago I ummed and ahed about spending several days in Edinburgh.  There's a Premier In  on Princes Street and I could go up by train - there would be plenty to do by car or I could hire one if needed.  There's other places too.  Lots and lots of other places and I now have the time to start exploring them.

The journey up here was a doddle, much easier than I expected, both in terms of traffic and in terms of how easy everything was to find.  I was rather dreading it, not being an enjoyer of negotiating 'new' (to me) roads, but this was, honestly, dead easy and the roads were, at times, almost empty.  I passed the hotel on the way to the course venue so wasn't secretly worrying about finding it all through the day.  And I didn't need to look at my Google Map printouts once!  For neurotic me that was a triumph!

A few photos (as one does):

View from the bedroom window.  It is the river Orwell and tidal.  Rather crooked - sorry.
A most efficient fan that kept everything cool and comfortable.

I used it too - yesterday was a warm day.  Ever so comfortable and what a good idea!

Making myself right at home.

I now have at least two and a half hours before I need to even think of getting ready for breakfast.  No kitchen to clear, no bed to make, no dishwasher to empty, no plants to water (Beth is doing that, thank you, lovely daughter) so I guess I will just have to knit, read, Facebook and watch the Olympics with the sound down and the subtitles on.  Oh, the hardship!

I'll tell you more about the course another time but it's very, very good.


joanygee said...

Brilliant news! Well done! Hopefully you will plan more 'I'm going away' ventures in the future. Jx

Joy said...

I think almost certainly I will, Joan. It's been great!
J x

Diane said...

sounds idilic we all need a break from time to time even if we are retired.

Joy said...

You're absolutely right, Diane. All my life I have not treated myself to breaks like that and now I'm living! :-)
J xxx