Friday, 5 August 2016


Yes, Friday again after a very pleasant, craft filled week with a lot of time spent with my lovely daughter.  It's been great!  We've chatted, stitched, designed, planned, painted and chatted some more.  Blocking off these weeks for crafting is working very well and I must remember to fix the next one with her before this day ends.

It looks as if today might be as pleasant as yesterday with, perhaps, less wind.  Yesterday was a great drying day so I caught up with most of the washing I had been avoiding because it was wet and drizzly.  Clothes yesterday and, hopefully, sheets today.

Listen to me - planning my washing around the weather.  What has happened to me?  I never used to be like this.  Washing used to be a chore, something to be done quickly and conveniently.  I'm getting domesticated in my old age, that's what.

Apart from the washing, I finished off the last of the current 'orders' (they're not really orders, more requests from friends) and today people are coming to pick things up which means we will be awash with coffee and I must set to and make some biscuits.

So - today?  Well, Beth's round to finish off the dolls' house by joining the last few bits together.  Then we need to plan the next projects.  I have a few personal things in mind.  I want to make two owl cushions for my guest room - yes, tut, I know, but they will look lovely perched on the pillows and will be guardians of my guests.  I have some fabric to make a skirt for myself and a friend has asked me to knit her a nativity set for school so I need to get knitting as they take some time.  I can do that every evening.

Well, better go.  I have runner beans to pick, one tomato to pick and several (yes, several) more to talk to encouragingly, and some strawberry runners to deal with.  Don't want any new plants next year.
Also a kitchen to tidy and breakfast to make.

B:  boiled eggs
L:  not sure, I will see what Beth fancies
D:  veggieburger with a few fries and a salad

Have a wonderful day.

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