Monday, 1 August 2016


A pinch an a punch for the first of the month - there, that fulfils tradition, doesn't it?

Yes, it is now August, month eight, the days are getting shorter, the nights are getting longer, but it is supposed to be the height of summer (and usually is).  It looks promising for today but so many of these clear mornings end up as hazy, dull afternoons so we will see.

As I woke early again, I decided to pop out and feed the plants as I forgot yesterday.  Now, you may have chuckled when you read that I tossed a few ripe shop bought tomatoes onto the soil under my tomatoes although I believe there is some science to support the idea that they give off some gas that encourages ripening.  However, this morning, one or two of the little sweeties have started to change colour at last and where one starts others are not slow to follow.  I was so pleased I took a photo as evidence.  Three cheers.
As they are sungold, they won't turn red, they turn a lovely bright orange colour.
Acting on Dad's advice, I have also nipped off the growing tips now so they will put all their energies into growing and ripening the fruit.

Yesterday Beth came round to carry on working on the doll's house.  It's a kit that a very good friend of hers bought in a sale for her daughter and Beth is doing it up for her.  I think it is going to look lovely when it's done.

I made up the cherry jam and I now have three jars for a friend.  Doing it this way is not cheap because frozen cherries are not cheap, but it's a lot more frugal that buying fresh ones!  I used jam sugar and got a good set fairly quickly.

Today Beth is over a.m. and we are owling.  We have orders for three owls and must get them done.  As it is Beth's pattern, she needs to talk me through the whole process so we have to do it together.  The afternoon will be housework and I have to make a cake for tomorrow!

Today's food
B:  bran flakes and fruit
L:  cold meat and salad
D:  as yesterday, runner beans and savoury mince.

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