Monday, 22 August 2016


Hello and welcome to the start of a new week.  There's just two weeks left of the summer holiday here in Chelmsford - a bit less, in fact.  It seems to have gone really quickly, as quickly as it used to go when I was teaching.  I gather the weather is warming up again so this week should be pleasant and maybe some more tomatoes will give in and do the necessary!

Yesterday was much nicer than Saturday, weather wise, with sunshine and more warmth, although the wind kept up rather most of the day.  As my garden is surrounded by trees, big and small, there's a lot of movement when the wind blows which I love to sit and watch.  It is very relaxing, like watching the waves on the shore.

I went early bird swimming and did thirty lengths - that's 1,000 metres.  I know that's not a huge number or length in the wider scheme of things but it is for me.  My minimum target is twenty lengths but I like to aim for thirty.  Yesterday the pool was pretty empty and it was both relaxing and invigorating at the same time.

Once home, I got going with the dinner which all worked out well.  In one of my searches in the freezer I found some home made stollen which I got out and thawed.  With it I made a posh bread and butter pudding which was really delicious, definitely one to do again.  It was very simple because the bread already had the fruit, the spices and most of the sugar.  I've blogged about it on Teacher's Recipes.

After Beth and Al went home I chilled by watching the last few bits of the Olympics.  I'm not a great follower of sport but I shall miss them this week.  However, in compensation, Bake Off starts and Eat Well for Less resumes so there will be things to keep me watching.  Also, of course, the usual favourites will be back in their rightful place - Eggheads, Pointless, etc..

Today I'm allotmenting and playing with my new toy, the strimmer.  After that it will be the usual Monday stuff - kitchen, washing, drying and ironing, etc, in fact I already have one load in the machine to peg out before I go to the allotment.  I also need to go shopping at some point but will probably leave that until Tuesday.  Just a normal day, in fact, ordinary but very pleasant!

Today's food:
B:  two boiled eggs and an apple
L:  broad bean pate (from yesterday's left over broad beans, zizzed with some soft cheese, garlic and a touch of olive oil) with carrot and celery sticks or, if I get round to making them, oatcakes, salad, melon
D:  chilli con carne with courgetti, natural yogurt and pineapple

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