Sunday, 7 August 2016


Good morning, everyone.

I've just discovered a cure for early morning waking.  Going to bed after midnight?  No.  Alcohol?  No!   Ear plugs and eye thingies?  Nope.
All you have to to is decide that if you're going to be up so early you might as well use the time profitably and go for an Early Birds swim that starts at 6:30.  It's as simple as that.  At 6:15 (that's practically mid morning for me at the moment!) I came to, slowly and bleary eyed . . . the latest and sleepiest I have woken for months!

Yes, I did go.  I got there at 7:00 and managed 31 lengths in an hour.  Slow going, I know, but it's the first time I've been for literally months and I feel really great now.

A few things have changed - they've resurfaced the car park which desperately needed doing and they've replaced the showers which now work so much better.

Wasn't yesterday a lovely summer day?  Sun, breeze but not too hot.  And this morning looks like being the same.  I have to say, after a fairly miserable July a lot of the time, August has started much more promisingly.  Long may it continue!

I did a bit of gardening, I baked some buns for my teenager gardener, I picked runner beans and a second tomato (which didn't see the inside of the house before it was devoured), I did some knitting and some sewing and generally had a lovely, peaceful day.

Today I plan to get the ironing finished off and then to knit and sew again.  It is the day of rest so I will!  :-)

Today's grub:
B: puffed wheat with strawberries and blueberries, apple
L: red pepper hummus, carrot and celery sticks, a salad, orange
D:  marmalade chicken, new potatoes, piles of yummy runner beans.

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Rachelradiostar said...

August has been a real mix of weather up here so far. One scorching hot day, lots of humid muggy days and now gale force winds and horizontal rain! Hope it's fine next week when I'm away! Though it doesn't matter a jot if it rains when I'm in the hot tub!