Tuesday, 2 August 2016


Good morning and welcome to a very dull, wet, cool summer(!) morning here in the south east.  No need to water the garden this morning although I will probably give the pots of tomatoes a but of a drink, just in case, as they are a little sheltered.

There's thousands of runner beans ready to pick today and I think I will have to start prepping and freezing some of them after giving Beth a load.

I spend most of yesterday learning how to and then making an owl.  Beth was very patient!  I've not finished my first owl and it's not too bad at all really.  I'm getting there.  Here he is.

I have a few changes to suggest to Beth but nothing major.  One down, two to go!

Today Beth is round and will be working on that dolls' house she is putting together for her friend.  While she's doing that, I will be having coffee with a friend after which I have two more owls to make.  Now I have done it once, I will be OK about it.  That's about it for the day really - it will take that long.

One thing - I had a caller last week saying that he's got a fish van and will be along our road at x time today.  He really wanted me to order a box of frozen fish but I wasn't having that and said I'd come along to look at what he had.  So I MUST remember.

Well, I have a cake to bake to take this morning (how poetic is that!) and the oven has heated up so I'm better stop waffling and get the show on the road as my friend, Diane, says.  Have a great day, whatever the weather.

My food:
B:  egg muffin
L:  cold meat salad, fruit
D:  tomatoes, eggs and ham bake, runner beans!


Annabeth said...

Olly, the first born, is looking good! (Almost makes me wish I liked sewing!)

Joy said...

:-) Thanks. There are some 'issues' but I can see them where others can't. :-)
J x