Monday, 8 August 2016


Good morning, gentle readers.  It looks as if today is going to be another delightful day, just like yesterday.  I hope so anyway.

After the swimming I fully expected to be
a) starving hungry
b) tired and in need of a snooze
but the truth was neither of those things.  I felt pretty energetic and not only changed my bedding, I got everything washed (four loads, but two were smaller loads) and dried and also ironed.  The ironing took longer than I expected because there was already a basketful but I watched the Olympic games as I ironed so it didn't seem too bad.

Apart from that, I did a bit of gardening, knitting and sewing, so it was a good and productive day finished off with a scrummy dinner of marmalade chicken (delicious) with a pile of runner beans which was delicious and so filling that I didn't even feel the urge to nibble.

I finished the first figure for the nativity set I am making for a friend.  It's come out OK and I will get better at the construction, of which there is loads.  I think my shepherd has a little too much upper arm muscle for easy construction as his arms looks a bit rotund so will go easier with the wadding next time.  But, for a first go, I am pleased.  He now just needs his stick/crook type thing which I will do later.
What do you think?

Today is housework - say no more!

And food:
B:  yogurt with soft fruit and granola
L:  probably an egg mayo wrap, apple
D: eating out.  Probably steak with salad and a very few fries.

I think I need another coffee so I will stop rambling now and get a move on!


Rachelradiostar said...

He's a very burly chap with a good set of guns!! I love him!

Joy said...

Well - he is a shepherd after all - they were a burly lot! If the others are better, I may just remake him - we will see.
How's things with you?
J x

Chrissie said...

What a productive, busy day! I know people say that exercise gives you energy, maybe it's true!
I think your muscular Shepherd looks great - he wouldn't have any trouble rescuing lost lambs :-)

BeckyAnne said...

I agree--shepherds are muscular, what with carrying sheep and lambs around when needed, He looks great.

Joy said...

I think you're right, Chrissy - I know you burn calories faster after exercise and, certainly, I felt energised.
I'm getting quite fond of my shepherd now. There will be another to join him soon. :-)
J x