Wednesday, 10 August 2016


Good morning again.  Amazing, isn't it, that we are a third of the way through August already.  I feel that it is all accelerating away at the moment and I want it to slow down.  I thought it would be different after retirement but here we are, just about half way through the summer holidays and time is starting to fly.  At least this summer, as last summer, I don't have to worry about plans, displays, assessment sheets, tray labels, naming books, targets, objective, policies, blah, blah, blah.

I've been out of full time teaching for a year now and, surprised as I have been to realise, it's been an increasingly enjoyable time as I get used to a slower pace of life with enough time to do much more of what I want to do.  I always was interested in crafty things, even as a child, but chose a career that gave little opportunity for indulging in such things.  Well, truth be old, it chose me - I can't imagine ever doing anything else to earn the daily crust!  I loved teaching, I love my private tuition and I love having time for other things.  I'm very lucky.

Enough of that.  Yesterday Mum and I took a trip to the market but I was very good and didn't spend anything.  In the afternoon I knitted and snoozed and snoozed and knitted and between that re-acquainted myself with a favourite book from the past, 'The Franchise Affair' by Josephine Tey.  In the dim and distant past it was serialised on the telly and I remember enjoying that too.
In fact, I have just googled it and it was in 1988 and I can watch it again online, so that's a treat in store.

Today, assuming the weather stays fine, I think we're off to Wrest Park.  I love it there.  Food won't be terribly healthy today as we're eating at Wrest Park and then it's a take away come the evening.  Never mind, it will be a treat - two treats - and I can be extra strict tomorrow and Friday to attempt to compensate.

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