Thursday, 4 August 2016


Good morning, gentle readers.  Welcome to Thursday's entry!  It's lovely and sunny out there, there's a stiff breeze that has set the chime bars a-ringing and my fingers are crossed that it stays like this all day.  There have been too many days recently when the sun has shone in the early morning but by the time sensible folks are waking up the clouds have rolled over and it has become dull.

I've just been out into the garden (I love breezy mornings) and that tomato is definitely now sending a few messages out to its fellows.

The Italian plum tomato has mega lovely fruit but no hint of colour - yet.

The Montello is bushing like crazy and has loads of flowers and titchy tomatoes.  Green tomatoes!

And the tayberry is making an effort too.  It doesn't look too big in this picture because of the angle
but it won't be long before I can start training the growth along the wires on the fence.  Yay!

Yesterday may have been dull and gloomy at times but it was a great day.  Beth came round and we really got stuck in to our crafts.  The doll's house Beth is constructing and decorating is looking fantastic and she made some little cloth rugs and bed covers for it.  I love the mini patchwork quilt she made.

In the middle of the day we popped into town to get some buttons and some interfacing from the market and we showed great self restraint when we saw the the fabric stall had its Christmas range in.  Oooh, there were some lovely prints there!  I also got a couple of mega-mushrooms on the veg stall and we had one each for lunch with some fried tomatoes and scrambled egg while Beth bought a bag of cherries for us to munch as we worked.  They were lovely!

I showed less self restraint later on when I saw on Amazon they had a series of books with ideas for using fat quarters.  My finger may have - er - slipped once or twice (or more) and, despite using the bog-standard delivery, some are due to arrive today.

By the end of the afternoon I had finished the two owl cushions which look super.  I will post a photo another time because they are intended for a present and, well, you never know . . .
I also made another book mark with some scraps, learnt how to the applique zig zag on my machine and started to work out how to make a stuffed owl keyring.  The cushion pattern, reduced down, doesn't work so I shall have another go today with a more curved idea as Beth won't be round.

Finally, Beth and I set to and tidied everything up.  Crafting can be so messy!  We put everything away properly and we hoovered the carpet, etc, so it's all as neat and tidy as it ever is for my tutoring this morning.

Today I also intend sorting out my fridge which is still in a bit of a state from the weekend.  I shall make a list and then I know what I have to use up.  I can see a few vegetable curries on the horizon.

Today's food:
B:  puffed wheat with fruit
L:  Hummus and salad wrap, fruit
D:  Jack-burger in an English muffin, salad, coleslaw, yogurt.


joanygee said...

One tomato plant decided to have blossom end rot even tho' I treated them all the same way. We put Totem in the wrong place, will have to remember for next year. There are 5 plants in all. I'm getting a few ripe tome daily. Jx

Joy said...

Oh, what a pain. That happened to me two years ago - overwatering, I suspect (me, not you). Mine are just starting to change colour and I suspect that in a week I'll be picking little and often too
J x