Saturday, 20 August 2016


Good morning, everyone.

Well, the old washing machine has been disconnected and take for recycling, the new one is in and working and I'm loving it.  It looks complicated at first glance but actually it's very intuitive and user friendly.  What I really like is that you can set your own programme, temperature, spin speed, etc and save it so that you don't need to keep changing settings.  For example, I like a cottons wash at 40 degrees with a 1400 spin so that's what I will set it to remember.

It also has an auto dispenser.  You have to use liquid detergent and conditioner and you pour it into the correct holding container and it automatically dispenses the right amount for the wash you have chosen and you can change those settings if you like.  Or you can turn that off (both or either) and just bung in a capsule or whatever.  Very neat.

Of course, because I had a new machine and washing that had to be done, it rained all afternoon, more or less, so I have things drying in here.

That was my day, more or less.  Today it's homey things - housework and the like.

I had to try something out overnight with my new toy.  You can delay the start for up to 24 hours so I set it to do a wash that finished at around four o'clock this morning.  And it worked!  As it's OK at the moment I shall hang it out and hope!

This weekend is the V festival here in Chelmsford.  Right at the moment it is dry and clear but the forecast isn't brilliant with a weather warning for wind, of all things.  Nice when you're in a tent!  Good luck to them!

Today's food plan:
B:  porridge with pineapple and yogurt, apple
L:  tuna and olive salad, melon
D:  fish pie with broad beans and runner beans (I changed yesterday's plan to steak and salad), yogurt ice cream

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