Monday, 15 August 2016


Another lovely morning outside.  I've just been out to pick runner beans and it is cool, almost chilly, but it will warm up.  The skies are clear and the air is still.  Lovely!

I had a bit of excitement yesterday.

I left you yesterday as I lounged about in my hotel room with a couple of hours in which to chill, relax and generally be lazy before going for breakfast.
So I had my bath, dried myself, sprayed on the deodorant and puffed on the baby powder and off went the fire alarm.  Very loud, guaranteed to wake up a sleeping hotel in the middle of the night.  Eeeeek.

You know those instructions to evacuate immediately and not to wait to collect personal possessions?  Well, as said personal possessions included simple things such as clothes, that really wasn't going to happen, was it?  So into enough clothes to be decent, snatched up hearing aids (no way was I leaving them behind, they are my life line), grabbed handbag and made for the door, to be greeted by the very nice girl in charge who sorted out my problems getting into the room on Saturday.

Yup, it was my smoke alarm that had set off the whole system and, given that I have never in my whole life smoked and I had quite obviously not succumbed to spontaneous combustion or similar, we decided it must have been the deodorant or powder, plus the fact that where the fan was might have blown particles in the direction of the alarm.

That was the easy part.  Getting the system reset was a different matter and we ended up moving the fan so that it was blowing away the air from the smoke detector and towards the open window.
Even so, I was half was through my breakfast before it settled down and stopped going off every time she tried to reset the system..

The hotel was full.  I was somewhat embarrassed as you can imagine, the hotel people were mortified and kept apologising to me between giggles (me more than them) and all the people who had rightly expected a nice, lazy holiday lie in had been well and truly disappointed.  Oh, dear.

I guess that's not really the way to make your mark.

I'm really not sure what they will do about it because smoke alarms have to be sensitive (obviously) but on the other hand, being set off by deodorant or powder (and I don't use a lot) must be somewhat unnecessary.

Breakfast, however, was delicious and I was a right piggy.  Fresh fruit salad, cooked breakfast (lovely bacon, perfectly fried egg, shame about the sausages though) and finishing off with a croissant, all washed down with gallons of rather good coffee.  As a treat it was great.  As a healthy meal it was . . . er . . . not really!

As I seem to have gone on rather, I will cover the weaving tomorrow and leave you with the rather essential food plans (skirt getting tight - ooops) for today.

B:  oat bran galette with yogurt and fruit
L:  tuna and feta salad, apple
D:  vegetable curry, runner beans, orange and melon

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