Thursday, 11 August 2016


Another stupidly early start to the day but who care?  Not me - I have all the time in the world!

Yesterday we spend a lovely three hours back at Wrest Park, first of all having lunch and then sauntering around.  It's a favourite place for us - plenty of visitors including families and yet never noisy, never rowdy, always calm, peaceful and restful.  It's not particularly spectacular but it has the feature beloved of generations of youngsters -  acres of grassy space to run, chase, jump, roll and generally let off steam and there are no 'keep off the grass' signs anywhere.  Everyone is so friendly!
Here's a few photos.

In he evening we got a Chinese takeaway and, as with almost all Chinese takeaways, there was a lot left over, so that's this evening all sorted out!

It was a good day!

For Rachel.  On your blog you were asking about the name of a flower.  I found some at Wrest Park in the plant shop and took a photo as I knew I would never remember the name.  So this one is for you!  :-)


Rachelradiostar said...

Ooo it's the same one as I have in my garden! It comes back year on year. I thought it was a Japanese something or other! Thank you xx

Joy said...

I thought it might be. It's very pretty and I nearly bought it. I wish I had now.
J x