Thursday, 9 April 2015


Yesterday was lovely and sunny but, in the shade, it wasn't anything like as warm as it looked.  OK if one is moving but when I sat in the recliner with the back door open I was glad to pull my owly fleece over my legs.  I could have shut the door, I know, but I wanted to air the house.

That being so, my choice of dinner was inspired.  A few week ago Beth and I had a cooking afternoon and one of the dishes she made was a lentil and vegetable dhal which we froze in single portions with rice, some for her and some for me.  I had some for dinner yesterday with a cooling dollop of my natural yogurt on the side and it was absolutely deeeelicious.  Thank you, Beth.

It was a bit of a baking day, really.  I 'fed' the sourdough and made a couple of rolls with what I took off.  I didn't add enough salt but, for a first time, when the dough isn't really 'sour' at all yet, I was quite pleased.  It was certainly a better use than just chucking it away - 'discarding' as all the recipes call it.

While searching on Google, I found a very simple recipe for biscuits so made some.  They were most successful so I blogged about them on the other blog.

Then, as I was low on savoury scones, I had a go at varying the tomato scone recipe by cutting out the tomato puree and adding some mustard, some chopped chives from the garden and some grated cheese.  That also worked very well and they are now in the freezer waiting to be planned into my menu.

Today I want to pop into town.  I haven't been into town very much because my painful knee has made it a rather unpleasant experience and I couldn't get very far at all but, fingers crossed, it's all a whole lot better now and I expect I will be able to get about without much trouble.  I need (yes, need) to go to Lakeland and then I want to go to the market to look at the needlework stall so will need to go to the cash machine first!  I could also take a look at the fruit and veg and take note of their prices and quality.

I'm looking forward to today!


Diane said...

It is nice to have a plan for the day mine often go awry but I like to start with an idea of what I am going to do. Sorry to hear about your knee try not to overdo things and set yourself back.

Joy said...

It's been a pain since last July but seems to be getting a lot better now and hardly ever hurts. Wouldn't be anything to do with losing some weight, would it? I wonder. < big grin >.
I think I shall have to have plans for my days or I can see myself living rather aimlessly once I am not governed by routines and timetables and, except for once in a while, that would NEVER do!
J x

joanygee said...

Did I read it aright, since last July, typical teacherly inaction. D's just been in a hospital ward where all the others had knee ops for various reasons. Hoping you'll refrain from carrying on with it and please have it looked at properly. Jx

Joy said...

It's fine now, Joan. I've walked around town, in and out of shops and nary a twinge! I'd get a curt response if I went to my GP now! :-)
J x

Joy said...

Sent too quickly. Many thanks for your concern though - you're such a kind friend.
J x