Saturday, 4 April 2015


Was it a dull and dismal day yesterday where you live?  It was here with seemingly non stop rain or drizzle, lowering clouds and a chilly feeling in the air.  Downright miserable, in fact.

Indoors it was much brighter as I did some loads of washing and ironed what needed ironing.  Mini-quiche was on the menu but there were none left in the freezer so I set to and made a couple more, one for yesterday and one for the freezer.  It gave me the opportunity to price it out properly which was helpful as I had grossly over-estimated how much it would cost!  I also made some butterbean, leek and potato soup so now have some lunches for next week prepared.  It made a scrummy soup even without butter, milk and cream.

Today is another day at home, I suspect.  More washing and more ironing, some clearing out, some hot crossless buns to make (the dough is rising as I type - I hope) and some telly to watch.  I might go for a walk if it's not too dismal and I have to do my time in the garden.

I hope you all have a good day, whatever your plans.


Diane said...

It is really miserable here very overcast and grim

Joy said...

It's such a shame because Thursday was just wonderful. Hoping it clears up very soon and we have some spring sunshine.
J x