Monday, 27 April 2015


A dry, mild-ish morning today with clear skies and bright stars.  Some sun later on would be a good idea.

Yesterday was pleasant.  I tried out the Aldi wholemeal bread flour and the results are great.  Excellent.  The dinner was good too - very nice ham and the trimmings were all very acceptable.  Today I am making a substantial pasta sauce with the leftovers and a few additions.

I had a nice afternoon with Beth.  She altered some clothes while I chatted and snoozed and chatted.  We watched some TV and generally chilled.  Very nice too.

Now it is back to school todal and hoping it's a good day.  Fingers crossed.


joanygee said...

With two long weekends in the offing, May is a good month. Enjoy! Jx

Joy said...

I'm afraid reports get in the way of enjoying the second one but I am looking forward to Monday, that's for sure!
J x