Sunday, 12 April 2015

Breadline 12-4-15

I 'm back on breadline today from lunchtime onward.   I had intended to count Friday's breakfast as part of today's menu but, in fact, I didn't have any so that's that sorted.

Spent so far:  £21.77
Still to spend:  £38.23

Today's menu:
Dinner:   Savoury pork crumble (36p), carrots (6p), peas (8p), marmalade cobbler and custard (19p*)

Tea:  Cheese on toast (paid),

Spent today:  69p which doesn't seem an awful lot but I've checked it through and it's right.

Back to school tomorrow.

*  The marmalade cobbler was 8p for the lot as the marmalade had already been counted.  I've counted the whole lot today and any I have another day (and it will make at least three desserts) will be 'free'.  The custard is 1/3 of an sachet of instant that I got from Approved Foods.  I will just make up 1/3 at a time.

I still have to taste the cobbler, of course.  If it's OK I will blog about it (if I get permission) because it really is remarkably frugal.
(update: it was and I did! )

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