Friday, 3 April 2015

Breadline: 3-4-15

Spent so far: £14.50 (a nice convenient sum to calculate)
Still to spend:  £45.50
(it won't necessarily tally with yesterday's because there's things to buy in and bits to take out if Beth has them . . . and so on!  Nit picking?  You bet!)

Today's food plans

Breakfast: 2 boiled eggs (28p), toast and butter (already paid), orange juice (already paid)

Lunch:  leek, potato and butterbean soup 14p, apple 13p

Dinner:  mini quiche (12p*), wedges (already paid), mayo (20p), peas 12p, yogurt (paid) and pineapple (6p)

4 coffees (12p)
carrot batons (5p)

Total:  £1.22

The soup was made like this:
half a smallish onion:  2.5p
1 potato (already paid)
1 leek 9p (two for one in Aldi and I used as much as I could, no cutting off the green bits and discarding)
butter beans  18p (no idea how much in weight, it was home soaked and cooked butterbeans)
stock pot  25p
Dash of garlic, dash of salt and pepper (taken from that extra 20p a day)

Bung it all in a pot, add water, boil it up until vegs are soft, zizz to a smooth consistency, check seasonings and adjust if needed.

Very nice indeed and it made four portions,.  You could add some milk when re-heating, if you wanted.

*re mini quiche.
found I had no more in the freezer so made a couple and worked out the cost properly.  Because the oil, the milk and, most significantly, the cheese had already been counted in, the rest came to just under 24p for two so what I have to account for the quiche is a stonkingly frugal 12p per quiche.

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