Sunday, 5 April 2015


Good morning.  It feels chilly but I'm hoping it will be a nicer day than yesterday.  Not that there was anything particularly bad about yesterday, it was just dull and dismal all day.

It didn't stop me sorting out a bit more garden though.  I'm taking it bit by bit so the mess where the growhouse was last year is now clear and I will move round to the area beside the shed and the compost bin and, maybe, if I keep going, along the fence.  None of it is shocking, it's all just generally not as tidy as it could be and as the days get longer and because I am at home during the day, I see it more and it's irritating me..

Indoors I made some hot cross buns and have blogged about it elsewhere. My, they were delicious - the one I ate was, anyway.  The others are safely out of harm's way in the freezer for now.

I did some washing and ironing but that was about it really.  A somewhat lazy and purposeless day.  I need today to be livelier.  It ought to be as Alex is coming over and I shall be cooking a roast chicken dinner.  Roasts are not difficult, just a bit time consuming.  He has already had his Easter eggs from me but I do have two creme eggs that have been calling out to me over the past week.  Oh, the temptation.  I shall be glad when Al has eaten them!  Silly really because I don't particularly like (or dislike) them - they are just there.  Calling!

That's about it really.  Breadline continues and I've blogged separately about that as usual.

Have a very happy and satisfying Easter Sunday, everyone.

And now I'd better put the dough on as I didn't do it yesterday.  Loaves for Beth . . .

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