Sunday, 19 April 2015


It's cold again this morning.  When I went to bed last night it felt so chilly that I put an extra cover over my duvet.  Admittedly I had a window open a little bit, bit I do like the fresh air.  This morning there was a very slight frost!

Yesterday was quite a day.

A shame I woke so idiotically early but I did manage to keep going until the afternoon when I'm afraid I crashed.

First of all I got going with the sour dough starter.  I measured out what I needed and made a loaf - rather a large loaf as it turned out.  Next time I shall use my baking tins and see how that works.  I'm not sure I added quite enough salt and I didn't cook it completely the first time (Sorry, Sonja) so popped it back in for another 20 mins or so.  The final result was a very odd shape as I don't have a basket but the flavour was pretty good for a first time with young starter.  I think I will make rolls again next time.

I then took a bit more and used it to make sour dough pancakes (using a very over ripe banana instead of an egg) - also extremely delicious and I am glad there are five in the freezer.

I had some rather manky looking vegetables so I piled them into Thermione and made a Saturday soup - also now in the freezer.

Finally I used the other too ripe banana to make a marmalade cobbler that has been split into four helpings.  No need to freeze - it will keep in the fridge for the time I need it.

By 10:00 I'd finished and cleared up.  Then my young gardener arrived and I guided him round what I wanted him to do.

After that I went into the shed, got each shelf out of the upright freezer, one by one, and sorted everything out, updating my lists as I did so.  I'm glad I got that done - I do try to update as I take something out but it doesn't always happen and there were a number of changed to the 'current' list.  It's all up to date now though and I managed to move some more things from the chest freezer to the upright.  I try to organise it so that the upright has all the 'ready meals' (home made) and the chest freezer has the raw meat, bags of vegetables, stock, cheese, etc  That's the theory!

Unfortunately, what I didn't do was go into school which is now worrying me considerably but by the afternoon I was zonked and I fell asleep and slept for ages.  It was a right pain but I obviously needed it.  I slept well all trough the night too.

Today is planning, etc, Beth is coming round for lunch and I need to sort out the fridge and generally tidy up.  I hope your day is good!


Sonja said...

Your sourdough bread was lovely and there is absolutely nothing to apologise for - we thought it was perfect and utterly delicious. :o)
So glad you had a rest yesterday afternoon, that will have done you a lot of good, I am sure.
Have a lovely day today. :o)

joanygee said...

Glad you had a good day. Here's looking forward to when you will no longer feel impelled to go into work. Jx

Joy said...

I'm glad you enjoyed it, Sonja. Even if there were errors it does taste good, I agree.
Joan, increasingly I am looking forward to that day, I have to admit. :-)
J x