Saturday, 20 July 2013


School's out.  The school year has finished.  So - if course - I am awake at just past four and can't get back to sleep.  It was a hot night but at the moment I have the door and windows oven, flooding the house with coolness.  Bliss.  I wish I could store it up and release it later.  I can, of course, open the upstairs windows and leave them open all day, if I want.

There are advantages.  To start with, the bread rises wonderfully well in the warm atmosphere and I shall be making bread today.  I shall also be making more jam (phew) and trying to concoct a marinade for chicken thigh I intend to have for lunch with salad - assuming I feel like any lunch in this heat.

Unfortunately, with the business that has been my life in the last few weeks, the house is in a dreadful mess so I am on a mission today and that is to tidy it all up in-between chilling and resting!  Hopefulness by the end of the day it should look a whole lot less unwelcoming!

I was lucky enough to receive some lovely gifts from the children (and their parents) this week.  They're all gorgeous and I can't mention everything, it would take for ages, so I will mention just a few.  I was given a cayenne chilli pepper plant which will be re-potted and go out in the tomato grow house with the other chilli plant and the tomatoes.  I was given a hebe golden globe which will looks really super in one of my ceramic pots and should last for years.  I was given, collectively, some garden centre vouchers for such a generous amount that it fair took my breath away.  So that's a joy to come!
Borrowed from Google images, this is sort of how it will look except that I think I will use a glazed pot.

Another Google borrow.  Of course mine isn't anything like as well grown as this - yet.  And the thought of cooking with a fresh chilli picked off the plant is very appealing indeed.  Fingers crossed!

Well, if all these plans are going to come to fruition, I'd better get started.  It's going to be so nice to potter in the kitchen without feeling guilty that I'm not doing school work.

Have a lovely day!


Diane Epps said...

Holiday time at last. Don't over do it in your enthusiasm to clear up it is going to be another very hot day. If you are anything like me you will easily get sidetracked and end up doing far more than you intended.

Joy said...

More than likely, Diane. Already the jam fruit is nearly ready for the sugar to be added, the bread is ready to be knocked down for proving and I'm planning my day to avoid the worst of the heart.
It feels so good.
J x

Sonja said...

HAPPY SCHOOLS-OUT! :o) Sounds like you have a lovely weekend planned and what bliss to be able to relax and not have to worry about getting ready for school on Monday. You must feel great! :o) It's unbearably hot here, too, I mean really unbearable...I do most of my stuff at high speed early in the morning and then slow down when the heat really gets going....all one can do really.
Have a lovely time! S. xxx

Joy said...

It is bliss, yes. It feels wonderful right now. At the moment it is still quite cool and the blue sky has gone so it may turn very humid later on in the day. Hopefully I can sit out for a while though. I'm sorry it is so unpleasant where you are.
J x