Sunday, 7 July 2013


When I peeped through the curtains about three hours ago, I was very surprised to see a fair old mist wafting around the air.  There was a very welcomed freshness in the air and no sneezing!  Of course, it's burnt off now, the sun is shining  brightly and it will start heating up soon, ready for another gloriously summery day, just like yesterday.  It was hot, but it didn't feel humid and although I don't like really hot weather at all, I thought it very pleasant and hope today will be similar.

After rushing around a few shops I came home and started putting up the grow house.  Well, it didn't take me long to realise that I misjudged the measurements and it is - er - bigger than I expected.  I had to rethink my plans as where I had hoped to put it, with the tomatoes inside, was in just about the shadiest part of my small but pleasant garden.  Not a good idea.  After some wibbling I found the right spot and it's now standing in all its glory with four tomato plants and a small chilli plant inside (I bought one yesterday in hopes!).  Mostly it will remain open but on cold/damp days I will close it in the hopes of protection from the dreaded blight.  I didn't know there's a 'blight watch' but now I do I will be checking.
Yes, Beth, it IS blocking the side gate.  We will have to only use the back one for the season!

The other tomatoes, the hundreds and thousands, will have to take their luck, as will the tumbling toms in the hanging basket.

After sorting that out, I set to and started Dysoning the carpet only to hurriedly turn it off again as it was making the most horrendous noise.  I know Dysons aren't the quietest of cleaners but really!!!!  After investigation I found a rather badly broken bit and decided rather than to wait for parts (which might not be available anyway),  I would spoil myself and buy a new one.  So I no longer Dyson my carpets, I Meile them.  I decided that I might like a change from an upright so I got a cylinder cleaner and I hope I don't regret it as I have had a Dyson for many years now.  It's lighter, quieter, smaller and more easily stored but it uses bags and it's been a long time since I needed bags.  Rather expensive bags too, much to my annoyance.  However, Which spoke highly of it, so it should be OK and it should make sweeping the stairs a lot easier.
We will see.

And still no sneezing - excellent!


joanygee said...

You might like to consider leaving the toms shelter partly open all the time. This is to allow airflow which helps to lessen the risk of botrytis. It thrives in humid conditions and still air. Good luck. Jx

Joy said...

Thanks for this. There are side vents with mesh over which should do the trick, don't you think?
It seems you can't win with tomatoes!!! :-)
J x

joanygee said...

They are tricky beasts, aren't they, but well worth it. Jx

Annabeth said...

The tomato growers in West Dean Gardens hold a tomato festival every year and give talks. I remember them saying they water their tomatoes around 3 o'clock in the afternoon to give them time to dry off before the evening cool. (Easier said than done when one is away at work!) They also try not to wet the leaves.
Fingers & toes, paws and claws crossed for today! Ax

Joy said...

Well, in a couple of weeks time I will be able to do that! Yay!!! Thanks for the tip.
Yes, Joan, they really are worth it!
J x