Friday, 19 July 2013


Another very warm day yesterday, wasn't it?  However, it was much more pleasant that Wednesday, which was hot and humid.  Yesterday was hot, sure, but there didn't seem to be much humidity about and I felt fairly comfortable all day.  We didn't do an awful lot.  There was a fair amount of what they call 'choosing' and I call 'self chosen play activities' and we caught up on some Fourways farm videos that they love to bits!  Today is more of the same with the additional fun of bringing a small toy into school and a DVD to watch, plus two assemblies - a leavers' assembly and a 'goodbye' assembly.

I think I have done everything now.  I think all paperwork is complete, everything that needs to be handed on has been handed on and now I have two bags to stuff to go through and keep or chuck as appropriate.  Oh, or take to the confidential waste bag.  It's such a relief to have that.  I must have spent literally days tearing up confidential stuff into titchy pieces in the past.

The big news is that the fence is up!  It looks OK too, despite being different (and higher) than my other fences.  It's a bit startling at the moment but once I get a tin of the Somerset green stuff I use and get it all painted on, it's going to look good.  Two years down the track, with the tayberry trained along, it will look great!  SO much extra space too.  Amazing.  I keep walking along the side of the raised bed simply because now I can!  Woohoo!
I do miss the green of the hedge, but I don't miss the way it took up so much of my garden space.  And the fence sheds a nice length of shade for sitting out in the evenings.

Last day today - one day to go.  It will be bitter sweet today.  Yesterday evening I got an email from one of my children saying 'Thank you for being a great teacher.  I am going to miss you very very very very very very very much.'  Apart from the fact that I taught them how to use commas in this context three or so weeks ago (grrrr), I can't be too put out because the sentiments are so lovely, aren't they?

One more day!


Diane Epps said...

Enjoy the last day the fence looks nice and as you say once you have had a chance to paint it and get a bit of greenery over it it will look fabulous.

Joy said...

It is a huge improvement on the 'hedge', that's for sure. I'm very glad it was done. And now I can sit out in the cool of the evening and be much more private!

Sonja said...

The fence looks great - gosh, what a difference it is making! Nice that it's higher too, the privacy and the shade will be welcome, I am sure.
What a lovely email from one of your children! You must have been very touched.
One more day to go - hope you have a lovely one, it sounds as if you have nice things planned and then, tomorrow..... :o)
Have fun! S. xxxx

Anonymous said...

Yay for Somerset Green ;-)

Joy said...

It's a nice colour too, Al.
I will get used to it, Sonja. I'm inconsistent - I want the natural green without it taking up half my garden!
Not sensible!
J x

Sonja said...

...that's not inconsistent, Joy, I completely understand how you feel and I would feel the same....but you can have the natural green and still enjoy your garden, can't you, it'll just take a little longer. :o)
Have a super weekend! S. xxxx

Joy said...

:-) Thank you for understanding. I AM missing the hedge but at the same time I'm not! :-)
J x