Tuesday, 30 July 2013


It's much cooler again this morning and overnight I was able to sleep under the cover, thank goodness.  There's quite a breeze blowing and that is keeping everything nice and chilled.

Yesterday was a funny old day, weather wise.  There was hot sun, there was some rain, there were some cool and couldy bits and all through there was quite a stiff breeze blowing.  When I came back from Fibre-East on Sunday I was greeted by the sight of a blown over grow house and the pots of tomatoes had been knocked over onto their side.  After getting it all back upo again I did what I should have done when I first put it up and fastened it down with the rope provided.  Pegs are also provided but there's no convenient soil or grass to use for that so it is fastened to the fence.  It seems to have worked because even the large gusts of wind didn't move it in the least.  Phew!

I have more tomatoes ripening now, but none in the grow house yet, which is a surprise.  The tumbling toms in the hanging basket are definitely turning orange now though.  There's loads of very tiny tomatoes on the hundreds and thousands now but none to pick yet.  Also there are plenty of flowers on the runner beans but none are setting yet.  They need more pollinating insects!  And I have a chilli pepper!!!!  Just the one, small and immature, but definitely a chilli!

As for today, it's out for lunch with a friend and generally being idle and enjoying the holiday again.  I'm getting extremely lazy!

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