Monday, 8 July 2013


What a hot day it was yesterday!  So hot that, for the first time, we sat in front of the fan.  I felt incredibly sorry for anyone who HAD to work out in it yesterday, especially for two guys who were slogging it out on a tennis course somewhere in SW London.  What a match it was too!  Well done to them both.

I had an unexpected extra guest for lunch.  Dave turned up bringing back my chair.  Luckily everything easily stretched to four without any going short and it was very pleasant to have the four of us round the table.  It may seem odd to have a curry on the hottest day of the year so far but they have it in India all the time, don't they?   The evening was very pleasant though: It all cooled down and one could move around again without feeling too hot.

Today looks as if it will be another gorgeous day.  It seems a shame to have to sit inside and work, doesn't it?  I am glad I won't be at home though, because . . . today the hedge comes down!  They'd better not mess up my garden too much!  It's quite a bright, sunny garden anyway, more or less south facing which is lovely, but I should notice a difference to the light mornings and evenings.  Hopefully!


Sonja said...

The curry and the company sounds lovely! Yes, I have always wondered how people manage hot curries on hot days, but have heard that it can actually be quite helpful (never tried it myself though).
Hope your garden will be OK after the hedge comes down, it will make such a difference, won't it...
It's absolutely boiling here with very high humidity and my brain has turned to mush . Hope it is not too unpleasant where you are.
Have a lovely day! S. xxx

Joy said...

It's been hot here too, Sonja. Not all that humid though, which does make a huge difference. Take care
J x