Friday, 5 July 2013


Yesterday was lovely.  So many nice things happened or were noticed.

1.  The sun shone and there was no rain.
2.  Infant sports day was a great success (and my house won the cup)!
3.  My tomato plants have baby tomatoes.  Excellent.  Ditto  for the two baby redlove apples that are growing this year.

4.  Some of the runner beans finally seem to have made up their minds to grow.
5.  My nice neighbours told me that the hedge is coming down Monday and Tuesday.  That might not sound that good but the hedge is an overgrown row of leylandii and it's taking at least a metre off the width of my garden, more in places.  It's not my responsibility and I shall be glad to see it go.  I shall miss the greenness and the Christmas cuttings though.  I have a little tayberry in a small pot that can be planted on and trained along the fence that is replacing the trees.
The side of the garden is around a metre away from the edge of the walled bed.  See how much garden the hedge is taking up!
6.  A book I ordered arrived.
7.  The tomato grow houses arrived at long last.  Now I have to erect them.  The theory is that I can shut them off on damp and nasty days and they won't get blight - the tomatoes, I mean, not the houses.  Fingers crossed!
8.  I ended up with two TAs - neither of them 'mine', who set to and got everything ready for sports day for me, which meant that I was able to have a proper lunch break (and eat a proper lunch).  They were wonderful, they know who they are and if they're reading this - many, many thanks.
9.  Dinner (Moroccan pork mince) was really tasty.  One to make again.  Recipe here.
10.  All my school reports are back, very few mistakes, all done and dusted now (including corrections).

Wasn't that a lovely day?


Diane Epps said...

And I think I have problems with my neighbours encroaching plants. That leylandii has really been let go. When I did my horticulture course they had a big leylandii hedge and it took one guy 2 weeks twice a year to keep it under control.

Joy said...

It has. Recently it is because they were planning to cut it right down. By Tuesday evening it will be no more . . .
J x

Annabeth said...

Glad that hedge is coming down. It'll be a bit of a shock to the system but as far as I'm concerned leylandii should be banned in urban gardens!

Joy said...

I totally agree. You can't imagine how glad I am. Even the birds have stopped nesting in it, but the wee mice seem to like it a lot! The sooner gone, the better!
J x

Sonja said...

Sounds like a wonderful day - great news about the tomatoes and what a good idea to get a house thingy for them, too. Lovely that you had help getting ready for sports day. The weather being so good has sort of been the icing on the cake, hasn't it - great!
Have a super weekend. S. xxx

Joy said...

It's going well, thanks, Sonja! Hope yours is too!
J x