Monday, 1 July 2013


A new day, a new week and a new month.  Fifteen days to go!  Woohoo!

What a glorious day it was yesterday.  Hot and sunny and cool come the evening.  Beth and I had a very pleasant half an hour in the garden re-potting the tomatoes which are now in their final destination.  We'd better not get any frosts now!  She also brought over some apple mint roots and we planted them in a pot - no way am I going to plant mint in the beds, it is so invasive.  The leaves we took off went into the teapot later for apple mint tea and very sparky and refreshing it was too!  Delicious and a beautiful yellow colour.

Over lunch, Alex broke the glad news that he will be making a cooked breakfast in school this week so after lunch we went out, first to Wyvale to get some pots and then to Aldi which is nearby for bacon, sausages, etc.  Not something that Beth normally has around although many households would.  She also got some cream as they have a number of ripe strawberries on her plants and she'd promised Alex Strawberries and cream.  That was changed to a cream tea when I offered to knock up some scones for them (which came out really nice, though I say it myself).

Today I am with my class all day and I do hope it stays fine and sunny.  They are so happy when the weather is good!  At the moment the sun is shining, there's a light breeze and the sky is clear and blue and beautiful.  I've watered the plants so all should be well!

I won't be able to send this yet as the internet connection seems to be down.  It's been very erratic this morning.  I hope no-one needs to be in touch with me urgently!


Sonja said...

The cooked breakfast that Alex is doing at school sounds like fun! :o)
My mouth watered at the thought of your scones and cream tea and the apple mint tea sounds very refreshing indeed.
It's hot and sunny here, too, and getting hotter tomorrow. Hope it will remain lovely for you all.
S. xxx

joanygee said...

Here sunshine has been replaced by rain as another area of low pressure passes by. Three weeks? Up here they don't finish until July 24th. Hope you week goes well. Jx

Joy said...

We finish on the 19th. It all evens out one way or another though.

Joy said...

Sonja, when you come over I can make mint tea for you, it's so easy! And the more you cut mint, the better it grows. And we an have a cream tea too.
J x

Sonja said...

Oooo, yes PLEASE to both mint tea and cream tea - how WONDERFUL! Can't wait and thanks so much! :o)
Hope you've had a lovely day. S. xxx

Joy said...

I have, thanks. It was very nice.