Wednesday, 3 July 2013


I drew back the curtains with a view to watering the garden - the pots anyway - only to realise that it's raining very steadily!    Now I have to decide if I want to get wet watering the tomatoes.  I think probably not, given that I've just gone out to the shed and now feel thoroughly damp!
Borrowed from Google.
So - sports day.  I dislike this sort of situation.  Will it/won't it?  Will the field dry off enough or will it be just too slippery for that fantasy creature Elfin Safety?  Who knows?  I bet that some will start asking today though.  The forecast is not good, not good at all.  Darn it!

Yesterday was really good.  It was the annual SENCO conference and we (Sheila and I) couldn't make our local one so we pootled up to just past Colchester.  It was so easy to find, unlike the Teacher's centre IN Colchester, which is absolutely dire!  Three nasty roundabouts and if you take the wrong turning you're lost - well, I am anyway!
The sounds system was good, the huge room was reasonable comfortable, nice lunch and some great content, especially in the afternoon.  I wasn't sure about the morning speaker: he was from a working group that produced an important document regarding the use of TAs and I felt he had an agenda to work towards.  Judging by the slightly edgy atmosphere in the room and the questions asked (which he didn't really answer), so did a number of others.  And he wasn't funny!  Most 'keynote' speakers at teachers' conferences lace their points with humour.  he didn't.  It was all deadly serious and the discussion points were definitely loaded at times.  However, being teachers, we saw through this and discussed to our own agenda anyway!  Far more helpful and useful.
The afternoon was much better.  A talk on heuristic  scaffolding and very, very practical and useful with lots of things to take back to school.  Just what the doctor ordered!

And then it was back to school to prepare for today and then off to the Hare for a pleasant meal with some friends.  Once back home I crashed out very quickly and have had a wonderful night's sleep.  I'm definitely sleeping better now I've just about cut out the caffeine.

And today?  PPA, Big  Write, writing the pupil part of the school reports and library time.  After school, an important meeting which gets me out of staff meeting.  And, I guess, another early night!  What with getting things ready for sports day as well it's going to be a busy day!

Have a good 'un!


Diane Epps said...

As yet the photos are not up on the web site but the link is I have been using my kitchen aid mixer with the dough hook to do the kneading hence the 10 minutes it seems to work well I will have to give the termo a go next time.

joanygee said...

As the toms have their first set of flowers developing, I'm making sure they are watered regularly, but they are in the greenhouse. On sunnier days, I'm misting them to encourage pollination. Hoping it'll be worth it. Jx

JuliesMum said...

This is classic sports day weather, isn't it?

Joy said...

I'll look out for them, Diane. :-)
Joan, my tomatoes are also now showing titchy little fruits, for which I am very thankful.
JuliesMum - I'm afraid it is. As coordinator, the decision is mine and I hate it when it's like this.
J x