Friday, 26 July 2013

Friday later on

Well, I rushed around to some purpose, downstairs got thoroughly cleaned and tidied (and now looks nice) and I've sorted out a whole pile of papers.

Beth and Alex arrived at eleven and thank goodness they did because close on their tail were my visitors who arrived while I was getting dressed!  I thought they were coming at twelve!!

Never mind, it wasn't a problem, we had a nice lunch and a good chat, I have leftovers for later and the house (downstairs) is a lot cleaner and tidier than it has been.  Three cheers!

Now I am resting.  After all, it is holiday!  And it's hot!

I reckon they'll be ready just in time for going away on holiday!  Typical!


Sonja said...

..the tomatoes are really coming along now - lovely! sounds like you had a good time with your visitors and what a good job Beth and Alex were there. :o)
S. xxxx

Joy said...

Wasn't it just!!!!
The tomatoes are doing well but I am keeping a close eye out for the dreaded blight. Horrid thing, it is!