Wednesday, 31 July 2013


Another cooler night after a lot of rain yesterday.  At times it poured!  It did clear later on, which was nice, but we could do with some more; the ground is so very dry and even the soaking yesterday will not have penetrated very deeply.

Lunch was lovely.  I departed from my usual habit of having a small plate menu and had a Caesar salad with chicken.  It was lovely but way, way too much.  I must have left about a third, which went very much against the grain as it was waste, but I couldn't manage any more.  They are very obliging there so next time I fancy something off the small plate menu I must ask for a small plate version.  Even if it means paying the same, at least there won't be the waste.  And it was so very nice (and simple), I must make it at home.  I just have to find how to make the dressing.  Google, here I come!

Liz and I had a jolly good chat about all sorts of stuff.  It's always nice to catch up with friends and Liz and I have worked as colleagues more or less since I first moved to the area.  Our sons were both in the same class.  I took over her role as SEN support teacher when she went full time.  We ended up as co-year 1 teachers for a couple of years before she retired.  It's great to stay in touch.

I don't think I have any plans for today.  That's good, it frees me up to make some!  Have a good one, everybody!

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