Wednesday, 24 July 2013


Yesterday was nasty.  Yes, we had a most welcoming storm and quite a lot of rain but it didn't clear the atmosphere at all.  It remained hot and sticky and very uncomfortable for the rest of the day and well into the night.  I slept fitfully, woke at about 2:30 unable to get back to sleep. came down and cooled off with the French window open and the fan blowing on me.  After a while I felt well enough to go back up where I felt cold enough to get under the cover and slept for about two hours.  Odd dreams though, about a very steamy and hot swimming pool and problems finding somewhere to change.  Just as I did and came out of the changing room, the steam cleared and I was about to dive into the suddenly delightfully cool water when I noticed everyone else was getting out of the pool and the police had arrived because there was a body at the bottom of the pool.  And then I woke up!  Oh, dear!

As it was so uncomfortable, I didn't actually do all that much yesterday.  I had to stay in because I was awaiting a delivery of some furniture for Beth, so I wasted the day watching TV and reading (not that reading is a waste of time but - you know . . .).  I didn't even need to water the garden because of the rain.

What a to-do regarding the emerging of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge with their little prince though!  After seeing Camilla telling us how fantastic Prince Charles was with children the third time I channel hopped.  Poor loves, it must have been dreadful knowing that the hospital was besieged by reporters from round the world and that they would have to step out and face them all.  No wonder they held on to their bit of peace and quiet and family in the hospital for so long (and I bet the air conditioning helped too).  They may have wealth and privilege and will never want for material things but I wouldn't swap my life for theirs with its total lack of privacy, criticism, obsessive adoration and public ownership for anything.  And I read that someone had criticised the Duchess for having a bit of a tummy on her - for goodness sakes, she's just had a baby!!!!!   Once they were out, didn't they do a grand job though?

Wouldn't mind just a bit of the money though!


Diane Epps said...

I so agree with you about the Royals and I wouldn't swap my life for theirs even with all the money and privilege.

Joy said...

I think tney generally do an amazing job though!
J x