Saturday, 27 July 2013


Taken two or three days ago using the sunset setting on my camera.  It wasn't really as intense as this seems to indicate!

Another day over and done and a new day beginning.  The sky looks promising, it's lovely and cool right now and there's such a fresh scent in the garden.  I've been out there, planting up a few bits and bobs while it is cool and fresh.

I slept like a log last night.  Rather belatedly I have sussed that although the memory foam topper certainly does hold and give out unwelcomed (in this weather) heat, all I need to do is sleep on TOP of the duvet rather than folding it down to the bottom of the bed!  The last two nights have been much better.

Two more fans arrived yesterday, one for me (so I don't have to keep carrying the existing fan up and down the stairs) and one for Beth who couldn't get one for love or money round here right now.  I Amazoned and got two from Germany, no more expensive than I'd have to pay in B&Q, including postage.  Luckily there were picture instructions because the written ones were all in German and while Beth may have done German, it was a long time ago and not up to that level!  I do love the way Germans create compoundly compound words.  There's a word on the box that makes me smile - 3 Geschwindigkeitsstufen which, I presume from the context, means three different speeds!  I am sure Sonja, a fluent German speaker (and writer) will illuminate when she reads this.  I can't even begin to pronounce it but it just looks very satisfying!

Today is Saturday but because it's the holiday it's not going to be a wild rush around trying to fit a week's stuff into one or two days.  That feels so, so good.  Downstairs is as neat and tidy as it is ever going to be (which isn't saying all that much really), I don't need to do a clothes wash today (but I probably will), the ironing basket isn't overflowing and, although there's a pile of stuff waiting to go into the dishwasher, it's orderly and won't take more than ten minutes to unload and reload.  The garden is looking nice and anyway, George is coming, hopefully, for an hour this morning.

I know that by week 5, I will be fretting to get back to work and put some order back into my days, but right now it's feeling very good!


Diane Epps said...

Things are looking very dull here at the moment so I have dashed about and got all the outdoor jobs done. The hens were a bit surprised to be kicked out of bed so early even before they had laid. Anyway they now have nice clean bedding so they should be happy.

Sonja said...

..yes, you're right about compound words in German - really useful, I have to say...goes some way to making up for other aspects of German grammar which are a complete nightmare :o)
Yes, Geschwindigkeitsstufen are the three different speeds you can set. We have a German fan here where we are staying at the moment (thank goodness, I don't know how we would have managed otherwise) and the fan's highest speed is very effective indeed - not too loud either....
Have a lovely day and enjoy not having to do anything if you don't really want to ...
S. xxxx

Joy said...

There's nothing like a happy hen for tasty eggs, is there, Diane? Which reminds me, I have to go and pick my eggs up this morning!
Thanks, Sonja. I'm glad you have some means of cooling down because it must be terribly hot and humid. It's cooled down here a bit and the five day forecast says temperatures will be in the low 20s, thank goodness. There seems to be rain a-coming too.
J x

Sonja said...

..yes, without a fan I genuinely think we would have's in the high thirties, early forties degrees here (100 degrees fahrenheit and higher) and, with the very high humidity, it is unbearable. The fan is only able to move the very hot air around, but at least the air is moving, if you see what I mean. :o)
Have a lovely day today - gosh, I do hope it stays cool for when we come over - I'd give my right arm to be able to move around freely and to be able to breathe properly again! Fingers crossed...
Have a lovely day! S. xxx

Joy said...

It is much fresher now at the moment. There might be a few more showers but there's nothing much forecast. Yesterday evening was uncomfortable but nothing like where you are.
J x